Thursday, May 8, 2014

Infinity Maze by Illuvetar

Infinity Maze Review
By Illuvetar

This following review will be soon featured in a video, stay tuned for it!

The Infinity Maze map is a huge maze ready to be played. Although it doesn’t feature a goal, it is great for multiplayer challenges. I tried this map along with other members of our team and we played from everything from Hunger Games to me killing them in creative.
The map had tons of towers, usually one besides the other, where I would slain people to death.

Some bugs I found within the map, was that the maze did not render every time I neared an empty area, so I had to reload the map.

Still, it seems that the map could use more improvements, not settings-wise, but it could use some new features. Many of these features can be easily added, like:

  • Various Goals
  • Better chests items (to face the mobs)
  • Other versions of the map.

The download link is available here!

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